Friday, October 12, 2018

Week #7 - Construction, Cooking, and a Field Trip!

     This week we welcomed a new student named Ayvah into our classroom.  She jumped right into projects with us, and students are working hard to make her feel welcomed.  We did some typical literacy work with 'Just Right' reading and word games, and we did some typical math work with one-to-one math teaching and cooperative math games.  When the weather was warm we spent some more time in the woods working on our structures.  Students are loving collecting sticks and putting their ideas into action.  This week students spent some time working individually on their structures but also had the opportunity to collaborate and help each other out.  We saw a lot of great teamwork!  We even found a strange bug that we needed to do some research on - the pigeon horntail.

     When it was not as nice outside we spent some time doing another cooking lesson.  This time we made homemade corn tortillas and ate tacos!  The recipe was simple, and students really seemed to enjoy forming the corn flour mixture into the thin tortilla.  It often took a few attempts and a lot of methodical work, but students really excelled at it.  The tacos were delicious and everyone would have liked second helpings, but we did not make enough tortillas!

     We ended the week by going on a quick field trip to Chapin Orchards to pick apples.  Students really enjoyed using the apple picker tools to reach the higher apples in trees.  We picked from all different kind of apple trees including Empire, Red Delicious, Liberty, Mcintosh, and Cortland.  The staff had even just opened some Jonagold trees when we were there at the orchard.  We were also able to sample some apple cider while we were there and some apple cider donuts.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 8, 2018


     Our class made shelters on Friday. We did it in the woods off the nature trail behind the school. First we made an outdoor classroom by clearing the brush into the brush pile. We used rakes, shovels, and a hoe. The teachers used trimmers. Then we found a spot to make our own shelters. I thought about how big the tree was, how clear the space was, and how close it was to the trail. We got brush out of the brush pile. I found it sort of easy but also difficult. It was hard to find brush and branches. It was hard to pull them out of the brush pile.

This is me (Arlo!). It was hard to stand up everything.

This is Arlo, Calvin, and Justin clearing out the outdoor classroom and you can't see Kayden or the teachers (but they were there).

This is Kayden and Mrs. C working on Kayden's fort. Kayden is grabbing sticks while Mrs. C is adding onto the fort.

This is Calvin and Justin with their forts. They are working on their forts and standing in front of them. Calvin's is made onto the tree like a lean-to. Justin's is built between trees so it has a roof.

This is Kayden's fort, but he is not in the picture. His is not a lean-to. It is a tripod with a stick attaching it to the tree. He worked very hard on his fence. You can see it kind of in the front of the picture. You can see it on the right.

Written by: Arlo

Friday, October 5, 2018

Week #6 - Building and Creating

     It was nice to see so many parents at Open House this week! We loved having students show off their hard work so far this year. This week was a rainy one, but we were able to do a lot of neat projects inside. Students built marble mazes during building block (check out the blog post that Kayden wrote about it!), continued constructing pull robots in Enrichment continually changing them to pull more and more weight, constructed their Unthinkable nemesis with clay, and added to their cookbooks when we made Panna Cotta.

     Every week we spend some time outside of our classroom too. We go to the Art room and do art projects with Mr. VanAllen, we go to the gym (or outside!) and move our bodies with Mrs. V during Movement, we go the Enrichment room to work with Mr. Bouchard, and we go to the library to pick out books with Mrs. Burroughs. Our library day is Thursday so be sure to send books back to school on Thursdays!
     When it wasn't raining we spent some time collecting various mushrooms and fungi to learn about. On Friday morning we were even able to get outside for an extended period of time to work on our outdoor classroom space. All of the grade levels and classes at JES are utilizing outdoor space this year for learning. We worked as a team to clear a space that will become an outdoor classroom space and then students worked independently to clear and build their own forts and spaces near our classroom space. It was a little chilly, but students loved it! Expect future blog posts all about it.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Morning Walks

Every morning we go for a class walk. It is a workout, and we find stuff on the trails, in the grass, on the trees, and under the bridge. 

This is Justin running on the bridge on one of the first days of school. 
During our walks, we run or walk.

This is Calvin and Justin holding the pink cheetah umbrella. It is hard to see Justin because he is wearing a black sweatshirt next to Calvin. We had to have umbrellas because it was raining. We even walk in the rain!

This is Mr. Z, Arlo, Kayden, and Justin during one of our walks. 

We find lots of things on our walks. This is Justin with a poisonous caterpillar on a stick. We were being very careful with it. It's a caterpillar that gives you a rash if you touch it. We find mushrooms, slugs, spiders, caterpillars, berries, and lots of other things.

Written by: Justin and Arlo

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Marble Maze

These are marble mazes. We made them. They were fun to make on a rainy day. The tools we used were wiki sticks, straws, elastic bands, buttons, tape, scissors, paper, and paper plates for the base. We also used markers and sharpies to decorate. Don't forget to read all of it.

This is Calvin. He is making a marble maze. You can see his marble working through the maze in front of you.

This is Justin. He is also making a marble maze. His is more intricate and delicate. He is pulling a 'trap door' he created to release the marble through his maze.

This is Arlo. He used a lot of wiki sticks on his to create what he called tornadoes. I'm not sure how you win his maze because there are a lot of dead ends, but he had fun.

Written by: Kayden

Monday, October 1, 2018


This blog post is about cooking in our classroom.

 This is a picture of grilled cheese that we made. That's Calvin. He is funny and he is eating his grilled cheese in front of all of you.

This is pizza. We made it. There is pepperoni, cheese, pesto, and some veggies (like onions, peppers, banana peppers). It was good, except for the banana peppers. They were nasty (in my opinion).

This is the bread we made in our classroom. That is Arlo and Ms. Davis staring at it.

Written by: Kayden

Week #7 - Construction, Cooking, and a Field Trip!

     This week we welcomed a new student named Ayvah into our classroom.  She jumped right into projects with us, and students a...