Thursday, December 13, 2018

Author visit

John Churchman is an author and farmer who visited our school. He read his stories and
brought his dogs.  They are sheepdogs one is 7 years old and one is 4 years old. The
book is called Brave Little Finn. He creates pictures from photographs on his farm.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Week #14 - Engineering and Gymnastics

     This week we started a new unit of study concerning engineering and construction - specifically focused on geometric domes. During building block early in the week students used toothpicks and mini marshmallows to construct geometric domes and other shapes. During the week older students started doing some research during literacy to find out more about the design and construction of these domes. On Friday the whole morning was dedicated to the same kind of work. Students watched a few short videos about constructing and which geometric shapes have proven to be stronger than others. Then there were 3 different stations that students moved through - building sugar cube igloos, building geometric structures with Kinex, and constructing 3D paper shapes using pre-designed templates. It seemed to be a great morning of learning and fun.

     Movement was also a lot of fun this week as Ms. V continued a gymnastics unit with us. Students were able to continue using a spring to jump over pads, walk across a balance beam, roll or somersault down a padded ramp, or do cartwheels on a mat. This week a rope swing was also added. Students loved swinging on it and challenging themselves to see how far they could swing.

     It was a great week of learning and fun outside of constructing and engineering as well. In Literacy, older students have developed strong skills in independent reading at their level and younger students are getting into the habit of daily letter sound practice. At recess students enjoyed playing on the pile left by the snowplow and making great slides for belly-sliding. It seemed like so much fun!

     On a sad note, we received our final letter from our elf friends in the woods. At the start of December they had to return to their home in the north and get back to work (it is their busy season). However, they told us that if we built fairy/elf houses in the spring, their wood elf cousins might move in... Time will tell. 

Friday, November 30, 2018

Week #13 - The Week After Thanksgiving

     We were so excited to see our students come back this week after a week away! The snow this week made for some late mornings for buses and difficult morning walks to traverse, but we all persevered. It did make for some fun times at recess, though!

     This week we received another note from the elves in our outdoor classroom, so students spent some time during Literacy writing responses. Younger students also practiced writing sight words down and older students played a dice game similar to Boggle to practice spelling and writing.

     During movement this week Mrs. V started a new unit on gymnastics. Students loved tumbling, moving, and trying new things! Justin and Arlo did some great work using a springboard to flip while Kayden and Ayvah perfected their balancing and jumping. Calvin did some awesome tumbling!

Week #12 - The Week Before Thanksgiving

     The week before Thanksgiving we saw the first good snow of the season early in the week (and had a snow day to end the week)! The snow was very exciting and fun to play in, but we also managed to continue our regular routines in literacy and math as well as work on fairy/elf houses during building block.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and vacation!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Week #11 - Outdoor Learning and Craft Projects

     This week we were not cooking with the kitchen, but we were learning in our outdoor classroom! After our morning walk on Wednesday we circled back to our outdoor classroom to have morning meeting outside and have literacy outside. Students really seemed to enjoy it! They did some descriptive writing about our elf door as well as noticing letter shapes in nature. It was a good experience of using our outdoor classroom in a different way than building and constructing.

     Not only were we learning outdoors, but we were also getting cozy inside with some craft projects. Several students expressed interest in learning to finger knit after our yarn projects last week during Harry Potter Day. Once a few students were finger knitting, most everyone else wanted to learn as well. It has become a very soothing and calming activity for students to do whenever they are needing some downtime or a calming activity.

     Beyond our outdoor classroom work and finger knitting practice, students continued reading, writing, and playing word games in literacy as well as working on math fluency and geometric understanding in math. In social cognition students continued playing the scenario social thinking game - they were able to work together as a team to defeat Glassman!  Glassman is the unthinkable that encourages people to have big reactions to small problems. Our superhero students defeated Glassman by using their social thinking and social powers to solve the problem that the game presented to them. It was awesome!

Author visit

John Churchman is an author and farmer who visited our school. He read his stories and brought his dogs.  They are sheepdogs one is 7 ye...